Grandma Fell In Love Again

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"Mom will go to work, Honey. Come on play with Grandma."

The sun beamed over the play ground. The singing birds had a concert on banana tree. Beautiful morning. Five luxurious houses stood in line. Four couples living there. One house belonged to Mrs Jalie. Her husband had passed away, so she lived alone in her luxurious house. Her grandson and granddaughter who hadn't go to school accompany her in the morning. She had eight grandchildren: Andi, Rian, Firman was at fifth grade of elementary school. The others were still too young to go to school. They usually slept with her, sometimes had breakfast or lunch with her.

It's a small village in remote area. Most people were uneducated. They made a living by farming. Mrs Jalie's family was very different. They were very rich, very successful. Her daughters and her sons in law work in downtown. They went to work in the morning, wearing shoes with very neat dress and backed home in the afternoon. They were not like farmers who walked to their land without any shoes or sandals.

However, all people in that village loved them so much. They were very kind, so cared for their neighbor. They were so generous. Mrs Jalie's first son in law became religious leader in the village. It made people more respect him.

Rahma was Mrs Jalie's neighbor. She had tree grandsons who studied at the same school as Mrs Jalie's grandsons. She came over. Mrs Jalie accompanied her grandsons in front of his daughter's house. She welcomed her and asked her to get in, but she refused. "Here is okay." She didn't insist her. "I am very sorry, so sorry, I can't return the money this week."

Mrs Jalie smiled at her, "It's okay. Don't worry about it."

She borrowed the money last year and had four times said sorry. It was only $ 15, just a penny for Mrs Jalie, but for Rahma was a huge amount.

Rahma was not the only neighbor who borrowed money to Mrs Jalie. Some of them never returned the money for years. She never cared for it whether they intended not to return the money or forgot it. When one of them returned the money, Mrs Jalie used to ask them whether they still need the money, they might use it again.


It was so still. The wind blew fast. As though all neighbors had been enjoying the night in their bed. Ilma's son was hungry. He got up and asked for food. He was three years old. Ilma found no food in her kitchen. It was too late to cook. She tried to asked for her mom, Mrs Jalie. She came to her house and knocked the back door. She used to respond quickly, but now she didn't. But, Ilma insisted. "Where are you?!" she murmured.

"Wait...!! A moment," finally Mrs Jalie responded.

The door opened, but without any light. Mrs Jalie didn't switch on the lamp. Ilma didn't care about it, she went to her mom's kitchen as usual. Suddenly she heard someone coughing. It shocked her, "A man?" she stopped at the kitchen door and turned away. At the same time a man ran away through the door. "Thief, thief, thief...!!!"

Many people got up and ran out of their houses, Mrs Jalie's sons in law as well. The man was captured and beaten. "I am not a thief, I am not a thief...!!" But they kept beating him. Finally one of them recognized him. He stopped them.

"Fian? Is that you?"

He was a good young man. He was the son of Mr Darmono, a successful farmer in the village. He was a student of Uclasc University.

"Where are you from? What are you doing out there?"

Some people were sorry had captured a wrong guy. They ran fast to find the true thief. Fian was taken home. His parents were very shocked. "Tell people. No need to search the thief. It was me, but I was not stealing," said Fian. Everybody was confused and leaving him with his father, his mother, and his uncle.

The issue got easily widespread when the morning came. Fian family members were wondering what Fian had done. They didn’t believe what Fian had done. “What were you doing there?” asked Fian’s uncle.

He bent down his head. His mother was crying. It was embarrassing. Fian had no word to say anything. As though, he had done something stupid. He was so confused. He knew that all of his family members would feel embarrass, but he should tell them the fact. It was legal.

“We have got married.”

“Married?!” his mother asked clarification.

“Yeah. I had married Mrs Jalie.”


His mother was sobbing. It was not what she expected. There would be any mothers who want his son to marry an old lady.

“It’s legal.”

His father was very angry. But he could do nothing. His uncle calmed him down. It was unbelievable, but it had happened. It was a flaw of both two big families. The marriage was legal, but it was uncommon. People thought it was weird. Many laughed hearing it.


Both held a meeting at Mrs Julia’s house. Mr Rodoto, a senior religious teacher, also came. He was the teacher of all people of the village. All people respected him. “Destiny,” he said after all were silent for certain moment. All bent down their head. “We would never know what God wants for us, but we should believe that whatever He did were the best.” It was still hard for Fian parents and Mrs Julia’s daughters and sons in law to accept. “God created us. God created the love. We couldn’t.”

Uncompleted Marriage

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section 2 of Love Story in Meeting Room

Firman and Zuhdi had arrived at the meeting room. Both were sitting there waiting the others. No talk. No word. Like in a far distance. Firman sat on the chair in the corner. He stared at the empty chair in the front. On that chair she was used to be during the meeting. It was not anymore. Firman remember the moment every single meeting. How romantic it was though the love was still secret. "Assalamualaikum," the voice sounded so familiar. He turned his head and saw her coming in. It surprised him. Zuhdi replied the greeting. Firman stared at her without any words.

"Ustadzah," Ustadzah Fatimah who just arrived asked her. "you're still here...?!"

She replied with a smile. Her closed friend said that she wasn't allowed to live with her husband by Mrs Ibrahim, the wife of the leader of this boarding school. She was her teacher, the teacher of all ustadzah and students. Based on the tradition, whatever she (teacher) wanted, students must obey. She and her husband managed the marriage. Both chose the husband for her, the best man: kind, polite, pious, responsible.

The wedding party had been held only in the husband's house. It has not registered in the official wedding office (religious court) yet. It was just a wedding conducted by their teachers without any marriage certificate. Next six months the official wedding party would be held in her house. It must be a long period for both.

The wedding called siri wedding. It was a valid wedding based on the religious tradition, but many people didn't like it because the husband could leave her whenever he wanted, if he didn't love her anymore. He didn't need to go to religious court to process the divorce. Thus, it was considered not good. However, the siri wedding was needed. so that they could meet and went together. Based on their tradition, man and woman may not stay together before getting married.

She was still staying at boarding school with students and other unmarried ustadzah, not with her husband.

There was a hope.


"Firman," he stopped up. "be here!" he turned his head.

Mr Ibrahim called him. With a little bow he came over him. He bent down his head. It was the polite way talking with teacher. Mr Ibrahim stepped toward the terrace, Firman follow him. "Sit down here." They sat side by side.

"Firman, you're old enough to get married." He smiled. "Ustadzah Irma and Ustadz Rahman got divorce." It shocked him, and surprised him as well. "He had a fiancé actually. His father, when he was alive, had chosen a girl for him. She was one of their relatives. But, there was no clarity. Her family never talked about it anymore after his father died." Firman has heard about that issue. That had made Ustadzah Irma thought many times to decide to marry him. It had confused her for certain period. Now, what she had been afraid of happened. "His fiancé didn't accept his decision for marrying Ustadzah Irma. She wanted him to marry her. It would be an internal conflict of Ustadz Rahman family. For the shake of the big family, Ustadz Rahman family decided to divorce Ustadzah Irma. He leaved her." He took a deep breath. "It's a live. Man proposes, but God disposes." Firman cleared his throat. "Firman, I want you to marry her."

He gave no reply. It confused him. He really loved her, but he was not sure whether she loved him or not. She might still love her former husband, Ustadz Rahman. However, it was a religious obligation. His teacher wanted it. He must do it.

*Ustadz: Male Islamic teacher

Love Story in Meeting Room

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"Where is she?"

"At home."

"What?! It's an important meeting!"

A shocking reply. The room suddenly turned empty. The lamps were covered by tears. Everything turned invisible. Angry? For what? It was the moment he waited for in every single week. Only once a week, just for three hours. Her smile, her trait, her eyes, would never come again. All were gone, left the tear drops.

The table at the corner with the meeting book and pen on it would miss her forever. The whiteboard with some notes hanging at the wall in the front side of the room. Her notes she wrote last week were still there. He would never erase it.

"Come on! Don't you know today is her wedding?"

Who didn't know it. Everybody knew. But, he dreamed it were just a dream. He dreamed the clock slowed down its move. But it was late. The story was over. "Wedding...?" The word uttered unexpectedly. His body turned powerless.

"What's wrong with you?"

A question that needn't an answer. Stupid question. Every eyes stared at him: shocked, didn't believe the tiger cried. He was the king, the strongest guy. With his strength, it as not hard to gain everything he want. He took a deep breath. "Argh...!!" BRAAAAaakkkk...!!! with a very quick jerk, the table broke off. Nobody could prevent him. They found no way to calm him down; and not doing anything seemed to be the very best reaction.

It was painful, really painful. Everybody knew, they all understood. "Pray for her, for them, wish them a happy life together." It must be like a knife slashed the flesh. He closed his eyes. The tears dropped down.

"Fucking place! Fucking job!"

Shocking moment. Destiny brought him. Destiny assigned him. He never chose to be here. Never. One of them would ask him, but found no best words. Why didn't force her? But it was stupid, too stupid. "It's a love," he said while tapping his chest.

He remembered the moment when the first time he met her. It was 15 months ago at this room. It was the only room which allow them to meet. The room with so much smile. The room which more wonderful than the very beautiful garden in the world. The light of the lamp was brighter than the sunbeam. It was because of her being there.

She was so special. She wasn't like ordinary girl. She looked so wonderful, smart and easy going. There would never be any men happier than me, once I were with her side by side in wedding party, he said in his mind.


"Are you serious blaming the students?!"

That response shocked everybody in the room. "We're not kidding, Madam," a senior teacher gave a reply, didn't agree with her.

She was a new teacher. She didn't know well other teachers and school staffs. In the corner a male teacher with big body frowned staring at her. In a silent thinking hard trying to understand her thought. What he new, what all teachers usually do is punishing the students who misbehave, not blaming the teachers. Students must respect teachers.

"Oh, come on girl..!! it's not a piece of cake," another senior female teacher responded too.

"We're their parents..."

The meeting finished at 11:00 pm. Firman, Zuhdi, Taufiq, Rian continued the discussion in their room. "Who is she?" asked Firman. "New teacher?" He didn't say anything at the meeting. No opinion.

"Yes. She is new teacher."



"I think what she said was true..."

"You agree..."

"Maybe. It seems make sense to me. It's our responsibility as teachers. We are their parents. They are here to study. Their parents entrust us to educate them."

"They live with us in this boarding school," Taufiq added. "Their parents are at home, away from them. We control their lives."

"But..." Rian was not sure. Most of teachers were not professional. "Could we do it? In fact now, we never care for that. It's uneasy, guys...!! Are we ready to change?"


It was too late. Tonight was so still. It was cold. The wind blew fast. Staring at the window pane, seeing the waving leaves out there. He stood up lazily and touched the window. The story ended. His feet felt so numb, hard to move. As though would never any step again he could make. "So quick." He sat down bellow the window. "No chance." He imagined the time reversed back and he took the chance.

Once he caught her glance when shared the food to all meeting members. It was so close in front of him. "Thank you," with a little smile. She replied his smile. He stared at her even till she backed to her seat. Once again he caught her sight. Her beautiful eyes like the pearls in heaven.

Once he met her at library at recess. "Ustadzah," with a smile he greeted her. She replied with a smile. She held a book "The Way Muhammad pbuh Educate Children". He thought, there were no young girl would read such book except those who cared for generation. She would be a great mother.

He sat at the chair where he could see her. But she bent down her head reading the book. In this library men and women were in separated room, but they could see each other from certain point. If he could sit beside her, then he would tell her that he fell in love with her.

continue to section 2 Uncompleted Marriage

*ustadzah = female Islamic teacher

An Error Heart

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"What my heart...!!"

It was so stillness, drizzling outside. No wind. No body out there. This noon was like the silent midnight. He was sitting alone, watching the dropping water through the window pane. "True love," he murmured. "The true faithful heart." Everything seemed to be broken. The lust controlled his soul. "It's not love, not true love," but it was hard for him to get rid of it. He dropped down his body on the grown, let his mind, his soul relaxed.

He didn't understand why such love existed in his heart. She was 13 years older than him. It wasn't normal. It might not be the love of a sweetheart, but son and mom love instead, but he was seduced by her appearance, by her behavior, by her grace. He wished to be her husband, not her son. He wanted the love of wife.

"Don't you want any children?"

"I know, I want it."


"But I love her."

"Are you for real?"

"There's no and there would not be any other young women in my heart, including you."

"No, I don't believe it."

Both were silent. No words anymore. No exchange sight. He was stubborn, individualist, extrovert, but sometimes became an easy going guy. He had lots of friends. He sometimes enjoyed hanging out with friends. All his friends recognized him, really understood that it was hard to understand his characteristic.

"You live an odd life."

But he gave no response.

"Do exercise in the morning. Work out. Come to Gym. Make your body healthier."

He smirked.


"Oh my God. What beauty it is...!!"

He was in the crowd. It was a town square where he could see many people, varied faces, lots of beauty. "It's hard to control my heart. Love, love, love." He turned his sight to the twin building across he street. His heart wanted to take one and enjoy romantic moment with her. But he knew, the feeling would no longer in his heart. He thought it was not true love.

"By one get one. Take it, take it."

There would be any man to see her face. She was such a vendor with shabby cloth. "She looks so beautiful. What's wrong with me?" He walked slowly to avoid the crowd. "Where is she?" He meant the woman who loved him. But he pushed away that feeling from his heart. His heart need her, but his mind didn't. His feet kept moving step by step.

"She is great, very intelligent," Tony, his friend, said one night in his sofa at TV room.

It shocked him. He got angry, but squinted a smile. It must be me, the one who marry her, his heart said voicelessly. He knew how great she was, how beautiful she was, how attractive she was. He knew she loved him so much. "How stupid you are...!!" Aldi, his classmate, exclaimed one day. But, he gave no response, just smirked.


"She is just a little girl, too young." He sighed. "I am gonna die. My heart is error."

The sky turned dark. It was going to rain. "Old lady, young woman, young girl. What is this?" he leaned his back against a big tree, then sat down, grasped his hair. His heart was more dark than the day covered by dark cloud.

He looked the envelope in his hand, the invitation letter. She would get married. It was too late to regret, too late. He would throw it away, but didn't know where the right place. His heart chose to keep it. It was part of the secret love story. True love story. Never let it lost. But its present was so painful. He wished to forget her soon, but it would be so hard.

What about that old lady? "Fake beauty. Fake love. The journey's still long." He stood up and walked uncertainly.

"If you saw two women: one were beautiful and one were not, it meant she were not really beautiful. Her beauty were just an effect of the comparison of both faces." He smirked. "If you were used to such face," while showing a picture of a woman. "then you saw the one with different characteristics and you liked her, it were also not true love. If many people liked one woman, then you also liked her, it were not true love as well."

"You are an expert," he laughed.

"Finally you laughed, Friend."

To Win The Love Of A Widow

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Love is blind, isn't it? It's a story about two young men who fell in love with a young widow. One for two. It's uncommon in the country for young man to fall in love with a widow. However, in the contrary, it's acceptable a widower or an old man falls in love with young girls. It's the tradition in the country.

It's a story about two young men who fought for love of a young widow. She must be beautiful and more attractive than virgin girls. Beauty is worthier for them, while most young men out there praise the virginity.

That Saturday night Acok came to Sherly's (not real name) house to take her out, but he just met her angry father instead. Her father suspected Acok for hanging out with her the whole day. It was not accepted in her family's tradition. Acok was not with her. He didn't know where she was. Acok then tried to find her.

After a couple minutes, finally he got an information that she was hanging out with Andi, not far from her house. Acok had been in relation with her for three months. He didn't know that she also had an affair with Andi. Acok went to the place where they both were enjoying the romantic moment. Acok saw them on motor cycle at three junction. It's common young couple enjoying love on parking motor cycle in remote area. They are not shy.

Acok was so jealous, then straightly attacked them. He dragged her till they fell down from the motor cyclel. Acok and Andi were fighting, but she could stop them soon. However, Andi's motor cycle were broken. Andi brought the case to the court.

Acok's and Andi's family, and their relatives came there. Acok's family were angry with Sherly. They urged Acok to break up with her. Acok refused it, but his parent threatened him to be expelled from home, then he finally broke up the relation.

Most parents do not allow their son marry a widow. A widow is like something which has been used by other one. She is like a cloth has been worn by another man. It's not riginal anymore. Young men have different view. For more young men it is the same to marry virgin girl or a widow.

Finally, both two young men forgave each other.

However, many people said that a widow is more skillful than virgin woman to woo a man. So that's why in recent years there were several young men, including, famous artists and actors who marry widow and elder lady, even one of them married a widow which is as old as his mother.

Is that a sign that men nowadays become less responsible? Thus they tend to marry elder women as they were more mature, wiser, and more patient. It means, if he would not take the responsibility, she could take over.

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Love and Marriage

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"Would you mind driving me to Pekalongan?"

He stared at her, sighed, looked confusing. Once again. He knew what for she'd like to go there, he really understood her. It was not the first time. He should restrain her, but there would be any proper reason. He understood that it was really confusing. His sight faded away, lost anything, like he was being in an imaginary world. She was busy preparing: choosing the best dress, finding the best lipstick, perfume and powder. She looked her reflection in the mirror, didn't care what feeling he was suffering from.

The clock kept turning. He smelt a very perfect scent. It must be smelt by romantic couple, he thought. "Could we go now?" she tapped his shoulder with her palm. She looked so wonderful with sexy lips. Without turning his face he stood up and took a quick step toward the door.

She told him many things on the car. It was about him, the one in Pekalongan. She told him the moment in Senior High School, it was 7 years ago. He didn't paid attention to the whole story, but what he recently heard was a story she and he kissed each other behind their class. He wanted the story end, but he found no way, by word was not the good one, he didn't dare to utter any word. His sister in law had ever said that he was much considered about many things.

Pekalongan got nearer. He knew what must he did: stop at the market and bought some toys and some delicious food for the two lovely children. "They like coming here to buy some snack," she said cheerfully. She had told him many times that they like toys, but none bought for them. It was a pity. She counted the money in her wallet. He saw her smile in the left mirror, but didn't take any longer, focused driving instead.

He wished the road to get longer. It was impossible. He knew that. Unwittingly, he slowed up the car. "The vault has visible," she said, a sign that they would arrive in a few minutes. He couldn't deny the reality.

The two children welcomed them. A lady stood up at her door with folded arms at her belly. She looked unfriendly. He ought to prevent his wife to reach the kids, she must backed home, he thought, but no action he could do.

The lady called the kids to get in. Both obeyed her. She came over her and slapped her left cheek then the right cheek in turn. She screamed and caught her hair. A man came out of the house and run toward them. "Stop..!! Stop..!! What happen?!" The two kids followed him, but stopped and stood up at the door. "Mariana..." His wife got inside the house. "I've told you many times," he stared at her eyes. sighed. "Our love is over."

"No." She cried. Her husband still in his car, didn't know what he should do. As though he was just a spectator, not the actor. "Don't you remember the vow." They stared each other.

"I have wife, I have two children."

She cried softly. It silenced him. He had no more word to say. Her husband on the car watched them. "Bad influence of western culture," he murmured. "She watched romantic film too much." In his point of view, his family as well, love doesn't exist. Marriage doesn't need love. His father, his grandpa, and forth got married without love. They got married with good women then married them and had children. Love come after marriage.

He had criticized his wife since the early days of their marriage, but he found no change in her. He sometimes argued with his mother in law. It was not good, actually. Parents must be respected. He remembered his elder brother's advice before his family approved the decision to marry her. "She has different culture, different view of marriage, different educational background. You both have many differences." But, he assured his brother that he had enough power to accomplish those difference. He  felt so skillful in that matter. "If you're ready."

But today, right now, the world witnesses. The two children watch that romantic scene on the playground. Their mother saw it too. It's so obvious.