Monday, 19 September 2016

What Does Friends Mean To You

Good father, friendship, how to protect kids
I want to tell you a real story. I want all readers of this blog know it. It was a shocking fact that he, I, and many people in that room didn't realize. It's a story about a young man, a boy. He was about 14 years old. He is great, he is cool, he is so polite. I like him. He has big body and looks so strong. Several months ago he came to a school that he thought would be the best place for him to study.

When the first day he was at the school, everything seems to be great. He stayed at a boarding house with friends. He also liked to be there. He liked the situation, he liked the environment. However, something happened after several days. He lost some his stuffs at his room. He told his parents. His parents were angry. His father came into his room and interrogated all his friends. He forced all students there to open their cupboard. Everybody was so scary. He found some his son's stuffs in their cupboard.

Did the father protect his son by doing so?
What happened then?

After several days, all his friends in that room became unfriendly. They didn't want to talk with him, didn't want to play with him. The school staffs, the school principal, and the parents discussed about the problem together. The discussion aimed to solve the problem, the parents wanted to accuse the students who stole their son's stuffs. His mom told that she so cared for them all. When she visited her son, she share the food with all students there. But, food is not more worthy than the friendship. That is the fact.

The son told, "All friends in that room avoid me."

"Why?" a female teacher asked him.

"I don't know."

"In my point of view, your friends are afraid to play with you, they are are afraid of your father. They think, if they hurt you, whether because of ignorant or not, they will face your father. So that, the best decision for them is avoiding you."

I was shocked hearing it. All were silence.

Father is a guard for his son but, a good father know well how to safeguard his son. A good father would not only safeguard the body and the stuff of his son, but his psychological aspect as well. A good father knows well when he should involve on his son's problem and when he should let his son solve his problem by himself.